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Blog > It's nesting time

It’s Nesting Time!

Now is the time that the birds in your garden are looking for nest sites.  Whether it’s a nest box, or a hole in a tree they still need material to line their nest with, and YOU CAN HELP THEM by providing sources of nesting materials for them to collect from your garden.

Birds will use all sorts of materials to build and line their nests with, but we have found that three of the best are animal hair (we sell horse and cow hair, but cat or dog hair is fine), coconut fibre and jute. You can hang out fat ball or suet block feeders stuffed with nesting material for the birds to pick from. If you put out two or three different types of materials the birds can choose what’s right for them.

Not only will you be saving the bird’s time and energy by not having to search as far for nesting materials, but you’ll also get the joy of watching them fly around YOUR GARDEN as they do it!