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Ara 1 Parrot cage

The price of this item includes FREE delivery to mainland UK (Highlands and islands surcharges apply).

The Ara 1 is a large attractive cage suitable for medium to large parrots. The opening roof allows your bird more freedom at a time it suits you both. The Ara 1 comes with 2 perches and 3 spring loaded feeder doors with feeder bowls. This cage has an extremely secure clock face lock so even the cleverest and craftiest birds can’t escape. It also comes with seed catchers and a removable grill and tray to minimise cleaning time. This cage is also on wheels so it can be moved around your home easily. All our parrot cages are painted in non-toxic, zinc-free material – ‘Avicoat’ – to ensure that every bird and animal is safe. Suitable for African Greys, Amazons, Large Conures, Cockatoos, Macaws and similar sized parrots.


Height: 187cm

Width: 122cm

Length: 187cm

Inside Height: 152cm

Bar Spacing: 3cm

Wire Strength: 5mm

Price: £419.00 £339.98

Sorry this item is temporarily out of stock

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