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Beaphar Care+ High Energy for Parrots and Cockatoos 1Kg

Care+ High Energy for Parrots and Cockatoos

Care+ High Energy for Parrots and Cockatoos is a super premium complete feed for species with a high metabolic rate. This feed is ideal Macaws, Palm Cockatoos and Golden Parakeets, amongst others. These birds naturally choose a diet rich in fats, so Care+ High Energy for Parrots and Cockatoos is formulated to mimic this.

The ingredients, which are more than 95% organic, are cold pressed into pellets, approximately 5mm in size. The ingredients are not heated, so they retain their natural nutritional value. Since vegetables, fruit and pulse crops are naturally full of vitamins and minerals, the pellets have a very high nutritional value. No chemical colourings or preservatives have been added.

Every pellet has the same composition (All-in-one), ensuring that selective feeding will be prevented and providing the assurance that a complete diet has been consumed.

Price: £7.29

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